Kurt Hertogs, Co-founder of Graphene.Works will present a keynote lecture on “Creating Value at the Interface of Biology & Technology” at the 18th Annual Strategic Project & Portfolio Management for Pharma in London next week.

The lecture zooms in on a the many questions that are on many executives’, professionals’ and organisation’s mind these days. How can we be winners in ‘Industry 4.0’. Until recently it appeared as if the Life Science and Healthcare sector was running behind to being dramatically impacted by technological evolutions when compared to other sectors. Lately, it is becoming increasingly obvious that with the advent of CRIPS-technology, Artificial Intelligence Advancements, Miniaturisation of Technology, Advancement in Manufacturing Technology, Availability of new Medical Grade Materials and Innovations, Biological 3D Tissue Printing or Implantable Nano-robots, also this sector will be subject to exponential evolution very soon.

Indeed, as we speak, innovators, entrepreneurs, physicians and physicists, ..  are actively thinking and talking about how to create “The Next Human”. And what about “True Personalised Medicine”? But how can professionals in this sector continue to create value, how can they best collaborate and connect with peers and colleagues across the globe? How can they put their talent at work in this fast changing times? How can they team up with others?  What are the characteristics of such “High Performing Teams”? What is that “Augmented Performance-level” that one can reach to create impact at a pace that is aligned with the above mentioned evolutions, and without creating a feeling of distress as often experienced these days.  In short : How can every professional in this sector create product, or portfolio value in a fast evolving world, despite the inertia that they may experience in their current organisational environment.

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