Lionel Messi, nor Christiano Ronaldo did ever win the FIFA World Cup Football with either the teams of Argentina or Portugal. However, zooming in on their respective club teams Barcelona (Messi) or Real Madrid (Ronaldo), the picture was more complete, more balanced, different leadership styles, different composition of team players.. and clearly more performant. Both teams were winners of the UEFA Champions League several times. Recently Ronaldo joined Juventus in Italy.

For an industry that relies so heavily on innovation and significant capital invest (2.5bn USD to bring a single drug to market), it is not wrong (not to say overdue) to explore where true augmented performance is possible. Studies are indicating that 75% of classical teams are dysfunctional (we all have been in one, or more than one, haven’t we?). In contrast a 50 to 120% higher ROI is achieved through deliberately formed High Performing teams. Just calculate yourself what a big difference this would make in a complex and fast changing sector as Life Science and Healthcare.

Industry 4.0 Product Innovation & Development requires a 4.0 mindset, talent base and approach. High Performing Teams will be the Units of Performance that drive succes, ROI, and hence organisational relevance, in a society that moves to a pay for performance approach in Healthcare.

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